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The Key Team Member

Ron Moses, the Director of Technical Account Management and vCIO at Parachute, boasts a rich 25-year history in the IT field. Joining Parachute in June of 2023, he has significantly shaped the strategic and operational framework of the company’s technical account management through his vast expertise—from desktop support to specialized roles such as network, VoIP engineer, and project manager in Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Ron’s passion for the ever-evolving IT landscape drives him to stay abreast of industry innovations through diligent bulletin study and leveraging internal and external resources. This commitment keeps him on the cutting edge and ensures that Parachute delivers top-tier solutions to its clients, cementing its status as an industry leader.

Beyond Professional Excellence

Beyond the office walls, Ron is equally dynamic. He channels his adventurous spirit into surfing and skiing, while his love for music manifests in playing guitar. These pursuits underscore his multifaceted personality, enhancing his effectiveness as a visionary leader at Parachute.