Our Approach

Our customers look to us to remove barriers for their success. It’s our job to understand where our clients want to be, not just where they are today.

Maintaining our all-encompassing attention to detail, as well as processes and procedures for a high level of efficiency and performance, is paramount in everything we do.

We practice what we recommend to our clients by investing capital, time, and resources into our internal security infrastructure and training.

We’re proud to be a 5-Star rated workplace by our employees on Glassdoor

Parachute Guiding Principles

We are proud to be a workplace that has a company-level vision and a list of values that guide overall company culture.

Be Responsive

Of all the Guiding Principles, ‘Being Responsive’ is one of the most important for overall customer service success.

Be Effortless

Be Effortless means that we make working with Parachute as easy as possible.

Be Knowledgeable

Being Knowledgeable is about having the skills to solve the client’s issue in a confident, calm and effective manner.

Be Consistent

Consistently excellent customer service is no accident. It is the result of great processes, procedures, training, and execution.

Be Human

Be Human shows that we care on a personal level about what the client is going through. It means that we truly show empathy and connection with the end user.

Be Open

Being Open is about being transparent with our clients. Transparency is one of our company-wide core values and is foundational to how Parachute differentiates our services from other providers.

Be Proactive

We are always looking for ways to prevent issues from happening again and for ways that we can go above and beyond (hero moment).

Be Continuous

We are always striving to improve. Processes do not improve on their own. Processes improve when someone speaks up with their improvement idea and then that idea turns into action.

What our team members say


A close-knit environment

“In my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve never experienced a company with such a close-knit environment. The management team is involved, proactive, and every employee knows they have the rest of the company at their back. Having been here for 5 years, I haven’t just advanced my career. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a team of exceptional engineers who support each other and a management team that pulls out all the stops to look out for their employees. This supportive culture has created a workplace where employees can learn, thrive, and build on their experience. I think that’s important when building a world-class team that can provide stellar customer service to clients. You don’t find this family type atmosphere just anywhere. I’m in it for the long haul.”


Team Member Since 2015

Transparency is a core value

“Working at Parachute has been the best professional work experience of my career. The Parachute team is friendly and supportive of each other and encourages your thoughts about all parts of the business. Transparency is a core value, and the Parachute team lives by it every day. It has been a great experience working with different clients and implementing technologies that meet their business objectives. I know that my work has made an impact for Parachute and its growth.”


Team Member Since 2017

A healthy work/life balance

“When I applied to work for Parachute, I was unfamiliar with the term “MSP,” having worked only within single enterprise environments. I have been working here for 5 years now and am very glad I made the transition. Both are challenging and with plenty of opportunities for learning. The difference for me is that at Parachute, these do not come at the cost of a healthy work/life balance. The management team here has always gone above and beyond any other companies I’ve worked for to provide balance.”


Team Member Since 2015


Be a part of something great

Join a fast-growing company with the opportunity for impact and career growth – all while enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate our clients’ success. We enable businesses to scale and achieve greater operational maturity.

Our Values

Promote teamwork

by cultivating a positive and collaborative culture that inspires personal development and fosters professional growth

Operate with transparency

through proactive communication with patience, empathy, and respect

Hold ourselves accountable

by meeting deliverables with professional and personable interactions, guided by process and procedure.

Demonstrate commitment

to accelerating our clients’ success by being responsive, taking the initiative to deliver solutions, and pursuing continuous improvement.

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Our Vision

We are an essential contributor to the achievement of our clients’ strategy and legacy.

Apply today

We encourage you to Apply Today. If your resume is a good fit for an opening, you may participate in our 5-stage hiring process, which includes the following:

  • Phone screening
  • Fit Interview with direct supervisor
  • Panel Interview with manager/team
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    Skills/Communication Assessment (depending on position)
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    Reference/Background Check