Work with an Azure expert. Our team of Azure-certified engineers has successfully moved thousands of users to Microsoft virtual desktops.


Make the move to Microsoft virtual desktops and watch your remote workforce take flight

There are many reasons to green light the move to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Windows 365 cloud computers. There’s the multi-session experience, which you can quickly scale up and down depending on company growth rate and IT costs (no user limits).

Then there’s the convenience of allowing employees to access their data anywhere, on any device, all with the same look and feel of Windows 10.

  • Give employees remote access to company applications or a full desktop in a secure virtualized platform
  • Replace legacy on-premises Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments with the new AVD environment in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Optimize spend with a service that scales up and down to match your business needs (using your existing licenses)
  • Improve disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness
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Moving to AVD can yield a 3-year 210% ROI and payback on the original investment in as little as 3 months. You can also reduce IT costs for maintenance, deployment, and management by 59%.1

We’ll help you get it done.

See our proven Azure migration process in action

When you jump into AVD with Parachute, you go up with a core team that will guide you through every step of our successful Azure migration process.



Our small, intimate project team will work with you to determine true business needs, including:

  • Map out all applications required in your new virtual desktop environment
  • Account for personal vs. pooled resources
  • Determine sizing requirements for virtual machines (VMs)
  • Provide budget estimates for planning and forecasting


Whether you’re slated for a phased or cutover migration, we’ll develop a detailed project roadmap and implementation timeline, then map out your end-user training and communication plan.



With everything in the cloud, you’ll already have layers of security built into your Microsoft virtual desktop environment. Our team takes security a step further, from configuring dynamic policy engines to threat detection and data safeguards.



During the entire migration process, our team insists on maintaining clear and consistent end-user communication while minimizing downtime. Our goal is to limit business disruption to an absolute minimum.



Once your new environment is up and running, we’ll monitor performance and adjust sizing and auto-scaling rules as needed. This process of “right-sizing” VMs is essential to reducing your IT infrastructure costs. We’ll also make Office365 optimizations to further improve employee productivity.

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Migrate to a more secure, scalable, and productive remote workforce

If you’re ready to move to Microsoft virtual desktop, one of our Microsoft Azure experts will be happy to schedule a complimentary tech assessment to determine the next steps. Please use the contact form to send your query.

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