Where are you on your IT Security journey?

You may think that your current IT company is keeping you secure but the reality is, IT security is a completely different skill set. This is a common misconception. Assumptions are made and your expectations are not being met. The only time you find out is when your company is breached. And, that’s not a matter of if you get breached, but when.

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The Challenges and Misconceptions

  • Many comapanies think their data is not important enough to hackers
  • Many business owners often don’t believe it will happen to them; it’s just the large or enterprise companies that get hacked
  • Often, company leadership thinks their current IT support firm has them covered
  • There is an assumption that the firewall, anti-virus software, and backup/disaster recovery (BDR) they have in place is sufficient

How companies are being breached is constantly changing.
There is no ‘silver bullet.’ The key is having a layered approach specific to your business.

Parachute’s Approach


Align service delivery, expectations, and agreements to today’s cyber reality


Provide factual information and data about the current cyber risks to your business


Evaluate how best practices, company culture, as well as any industry regulations and compliance requirements will contribute to chosen solutions


Assess current organization security climate and present gap analysis


Implement well-planned solutions in phases that build the foundation for additional layers


Facilitate open dialogue and education to foster a Cyber Security Awareness Culture


Maintain consistent meetings to discuss changes and recommendations to pivot from threats


Build a layered, security architecture that evolves and stays one step ahead of the ever-changing threats and risks.

Parachute builds a customized, layered, security architecture for your business that evolves and stays steps ahead of ever-changing threats and risks.

As a Managed IT Security Provider, Parachute practices what we recommend by investing capital, time, and resources into our own internal security infrastructure and training.

SOC 2 Certified


Our best-in-class Onboarding Process includes a 30-point risk assessment and heatmap to help you understand where your company is today and provide a visual of where you’d like to be tomorrow. Through our collaborative process, your dedicated Technical Account Manager analyzes the gap analysis with you, makes fact-based recommendations, and creates your IT Security Roadmap. This planning tool will foster executive alignment on IT Security initiatives.


Parachute develops and implements appropriate safeguards to ensure business functions can continue. Components of this layer include identity management, access controls, data security, and training. Because your end-users are typically the last line of defense, our team can facilitate a Security Awareness Training program.


Our remote monitoring and management tools continuously check endpoints for threats and evidence of being compromised. Anomalies and events are documented and reported. The types of cybersecurity incidents that occur help shape recommendations and ongoing conversations.


Within our Security Operations Center (SOC), alerts are automatically generated, and tickets are created and dispatched in real-time. Following the pre-planned process, our team takes appropriate action to contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity incident. Analysis and mitigation are documented and communicated.


Our cyber incident response plan includes IT directives and an all-encompassing communication strategy. Parachute ensures backup systems are in place that account for the unique Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of the business. Parachute’s plan reduces the impact and ensures timely recovery to normal operations.

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Communication Skills are Exceptional

“Parachute is unique among Managed IT Service firms, because their communication skills are exceptional. The team is proactive, consistent, and timely – our firm could not do what we do without them. We have been working with them since 2006 because we want to be able to tell our clients we partner with one of the best IT companies on the West Coast to keep their data safe.

Jim Sutton

Managing Partner

Have Always Gone Above and Beyond

“The Parachute team has optimized our IT environment so we can focus on the needs of our employees and clients. They developed an IT Security Roadmap for our organization, which has given us a competitive advantage when bidding for large contracts. They have always gone above and beyond and are always attentive, proactive, and personable. Parachute is an extension of our company and we consider them part of our team.

Sheila Jessup-Schwarz

Chief Financial Officer

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