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Be and stay HIPAA compliant

Parachute has been HIPAA compliant since 2017 and continues to retest annually as part of our ongoing compliance and IT security initiatives. This means that all of our employees have completed and passed the full HIPAA security compliance training course.

As both a Managed IT Service and Managed IT Security Provider, we take pride in helping businesses achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. The ability to skillfully guide you through the HIPAA Compliance process is one of our many differentiators.

Steps to HIPAA compliance

Through a third-party verification and auditing process, Parachute is HIPAA compliant and has completed the following

  • Performed a recent Security Risk Analysis
  • Implemented an active Risk Management Process
  • Created policies and procedures that specify how confidential data can be used and how it is protected
  • Trained all Parachute team members within the past year on HIPAA compliance
  • Maintained documentation showing evidence of an active compliance program

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