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We’re here to help you navigate all IT compliance requirements


We’re here to help you navigate all IT compliance requirements

Prepare for the nerd-fest as we are rather proud of our certifications.


(And for unregulated industries...)


(And for unregulated industries...)

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Parachute as your guide


Build the Foundation

The infusion of Parachute’s Managed IT Services into your organization builds the foundation for the processes and procedures that will need to be in place for any industry regulation. By implementing best-practices around network security, IT standardization, multi-factor authentication, on/off-boarding, password management, access, and documentation, we are laying the groundwork to maintain and even exceed IT compliance. As your business continues down the path of IT best practices through Parachute’s Managed IT Services, your company’s Operational Maturity Level (OML) will naturally increase as well.


Identify and Collaborate

Once the IT environment is optimized, and the appropriate IT solutions are in place, we can identify the IT compliance framework that needs to be completed. Our team gathers factual information, performs a comprehensive assessment, and presents you with a gap analysis to make informed decisions together. Parachute’s Quarterly Technical Business Review Meetings foster collaboration, communication, and alignment on IT compliance initiatives. The result: both parties are on the same page and rowing in the same direction.


Strategy and Impact

In addition to meeting the requirements, Parachute’s IT compliance strategy will be complementary to your company’s growth goals and risk reduction initiatives. When planning the rollout of new processes, procedures, tools, and systems, we implement a phased approach with lots of communication. It is our responsibility to be acutely aware of your company’s culture and the impact on your team members.


Phased Implementation and Templates

Parachute has process and procedure templates for all major regulatory requirements, which we customize and develop based on your company needs and goals. These templates dramatically increase the speed in which you can obtain compliance and fulfill your own customers’ data security requirements. Our team conducts beta testing and pilot stages throughout the implementation process in a controlled environment. These additional efforts reduce the impact on your company’s departments and operations.


Maintain IT Compliance

Requirements are always changing from the governing body. Meeting new standards will be necessary on an annual basis. Keeping documented processes and procedures current is part of the maintenance plan our team puts in place. Parachute manages vulnerability and penetration testing on a consistent schedule if necessary. Our team helps to build awareness training into your company’s new employee onboarding process. With the appropriate IT tools and preventative measures in place, together, we create and foster a culture that is diligent about upholding the requirements.

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Compliance IT Experts Across Multiple Industries

"Parachute is accountable for the technology piece of our practice so we can focus on taking care of our patients."

Dr. Michael Chan | Surgeon

SF Oral SurgeryClient Since 2015
"Our firm could not do what we do without them."

Jim Sutton | Managing Partner

Sutton Law FirmClient Since 2008
"Parachute is dedicated to understanding our business and providing support."

Reed Kelly | VP of Operations

Sansei Gardens, Inc.Client Since 2017
"Our expectations are very high, and Parachute delivers. We have a reliable and responsive IT department through their services."

John Hinman | Managing Partner

Hinman & Carmichael, LLPClient Since 2013
"Because they have expertise in virtually every aspect of IT, our executive team can sleep at night knowing we have a true IT partner."

Bob Starr | Chief Administrative Officer

ProSomnus Sleep TechnologiesClient Since 2016

IT Compliance and IT Security: Complement or Complicate?

The line between IT Security and IT Compliance can become blurred and may seem like a moving target. While IT compliance is similar to IT security in that it drives a company to implement processes and procedures to protect digital assets, the motive behind IT compliance is different. IT compliance is centered around the requirements of a government, security organization’s framework, or the company’s contractual terms with their own clients and customers. This last point is key. If they are not already, your customers and clients may require multiple layers of protection of confidential data to be in place in order to conduct business with you. Parachute ensures your business is ready to meet or exceed all requirements.

While IT security is practiced for the direct benefits to the company, IT compliance is practiced to facilitate business operations to meet the external requirements of a regulatory organization.

IT compliance comes to completion and is usually maintained yearly. In contrast, IT security is driven by the need to continually protect a company’s digital assets against threats and must be consistently reevaluated.

IT compliance and IT security can complement one another. When paired together, they provide comprehensive protections and risk mitigation for the company. IT compliance creates a foundation for an organization’s IT security initiatives, while IT security efforts build on that to create a multi-layered approach. Parachute ensures that there is an equal focus on both IT compliance and IT security. When done successfully, a business will not only meet the standards for its industry but also demonstrate to its customers that it has exceeded expectations in its commitment to secure data.

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