Managed IT Services for all industries

The depth and breadth of our team’s knowledge, along with our proprietary tools and reporting capabilities, enables us to incorporate the best technology practices into your organization, no matter the industry.



As a long-time IT Services company with our main office in the Bay Area, Parachute has partnered extensively with start-ups. We implement the appropriate layers of IT security that meet investor requirements to obtain seed funding A through C.

Parachute’s direct impact on the operational maturity level of your start-up will help move you to the next round of funding and go from stealth mode to go-to-market mode. Our team:

  • Designs the cloud infrastructure
  • Builds the network
  • Administers your Apple Ecosystem or hybrid environment
  • Manages licenses and applications
  • Creates your IT standardization
  • Customizes a procurement process
  • Set up your new employee onboarding procedures

Healthcare: Medical Devices, Data Management, Medical Practices, Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Intellectual property protection is at the forefront of Parachute’s Managed IT Services for the healthcare industry. Adhering to IT compliance drives the overall IT strategy and planning process.

The vision and leadership that Parachute provides includes:

  • HIPAA Compliance and training
  • Risk assessment
  • Customized processes and procedures

Technology: Software, App Development, AI

Our flexible, adaptable Managed IT Services Model enables our technology clients to be agile and capable of navigating operational and financial challenges. Our team delivers a turn-key Apple Ecosystem Administration solution, as well as cloud-based onboarding/off-boarding procedures. This helps your company scale securely and efficiently.

Parachute’s Managed IT Service Plan provides all the services a growing company requires to hire quickly, scale, and open additional locations, including:

  • IT process and procedures
  • Procurement
  • Cloud management
  • Licensing
  • Subscriptionns
  • Asset management

Businesses with Government Contracts

Along with being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Parachute is enrolled in and approved for Office 365 US Government Community Cloud (GCC) services for Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP). Attaining this accreditation allows us to partner with government contracts and sell and manage subscriptions designed for the unique needs of US government organizations to meet compliance and security standards.


IT Services for Law Firms

Parachute fulfills vital needs for your law firm: exceptional response times, 24/7 IT support, and document management. The legal industry is entrusted with vast amounts of highly confidential information. Parachute’s Managed IT Service Plan ensures systems are in place to manage, archive, and protect data, while emphasizing IT security.

Finance: Investment, Insurance, Real Estate Management

Most finance-related businesses must follow industry regulations, so a secure and compliant IT infrastructure is imperative. Parachute’s Managed IT Service Plan provides proven solutions for:

  • Data security
  • Document management
  • Password protection
  • Client data encryption
  • Mobility
  • Compliance audites from the SEC and FINRA

Solar, Energy, Construction

With team members in the field and large design files that require accessibility, we understand the needs of solar, energy, and construction businesses. Parachute’s Managed IT Services provides license management, mobile device management, and ERP solutions so our clients can easily and securely connect to everything they need. Our team builds and maintains the IT infrastructure required to use your industry-specific software.

Product Development, Manufacturing, Robotics, Logistics

We understand that engineering, manufacturing, and product development companies must gain a competitive advantage as well as maintain high levels of confidentiality around product releases and intellectual property. Parachute’s Managed IT Service Plan creates an environment in which sales, logistics, inventory management, production, and customer retention operate together seamlessly and securely.


Parachute improves operations and end-user efficiency for our non-profit clients so that the focus is on their mission – whether it’s education, membership, community support, raising awareness, or donations. Our Managed IT Service Plan makes the best use of the budget and provides the ideal return on investment. We ensure the right software is in place at the best price, as well as negotiate volume discounts and financing solutions.

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They are our trusted advisors

"Whenever Parachute staff are in my office they readily blend in and feel like part of my team."

Kim Clancy | CEO

Hampton O’Bannon Partners, LLCClient Since 2010
"Parachute is dedicated to understanding our business and providing support."

Reed Kelly | VP of Operations

Sansei Gardens, Inc.Client Since 2017
"Our expectations are very high, and Parachute delivers. We have a reliable and responsive IT department through their services."

John Hinman | Managing Partner

Hinman & Carmichael, LLPClient Since 2013
"Parachute is accountable for the technology piece of our practice so we can focus on taking care of our patients."

Dr. Michael Chan | Surgeon

SF Oral SurgeryClient Since 2015
"Because they have expertise in virtually every aspect of IT, our executive team can sleep at night knowing we have a true IT partner."

Bob Starr | Chief Administrative Officer

ProSomnus Sleep TechnologiesClient Since 2016
"Parachute has a service model that truly works – they extend our IT team."

Christy Hopeman | VP Information Technology

San Francisco Travel AssociationClient Since 2013
"Quality Transport and Parachute have formed a solid working relationship that has stabilized the IT infrastructure and provided a roadmap for the future."

Lee Schorno | President

Quality Transport, Inc.Client Since 2018

Dedicated to Understanding Your Industry & Business

The investment of time to learn your business is built into our service model. As your dedicated IT Partner, we ensure that the best-in-class IT solutions and IT security layers we implement into your environment will meet your company’s goals.

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