Running a productive workforce on Apple is what we do

Parachute provides a comprehensive suite of services to address the specific needs of your Apple ecosystem or mixed Mac/PC environment.


Data and device protection

Ensures integrity across the entire lifecycle.


Prevents security leaks, and keeps apps updated.

Usage reporting

Tracks licensing, paid app installations, and more.

Upfront security

Automatically enrolls and secures devices in compliance with IT policies.

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What comprehensive Apple ecosystem administration looks like

We take close care of every single workstation, server, and peripheral device, all through a sophisticated management model designed just for the Apple product suite – including being accredited with a Jamf 400 Certification.

Automation across the entire lifecycle

Lifecycle management is a centerpiece of our administration model. This goes for all aspects of distribution.


New device setup, automatic software and security enrollment, company and VPN config., end-user preferences, peripherals, and networking.

Expert build-out

For Apple Business Manager and procurement accounts.


Securely remove old configurations when redeploying existing equipment for different employees

Customized end-of-life procedures

Cleanse sensitive data based on company preferences

Loss or theft

Standardized procedures and remediation, encryption, firmware-level device lock, remote wipe.

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Updates as they should be: smart, safe, and barely noticeable

No need to disrupt the workday with a security patch, or make your employees run an OS update on their own. We customize updates and patching to meet company IT requirements. This includes operating system versioning for standardized IT and guaranteed software compatibility.

A no-application-left-behind kind of shop

We run application administration with close attention to your company requirements (Apple Business Manager, Volume Purchase Program, etc.). And we keep things as tight as you need them to be.

App management

Approval, download controls, remote installation, version control, update management


for unapproved company software and applications


Allow your employees to self-install approved applications

Preconfigured settings and config.

ensures all apps are secure, reliable, and used the right way

Hypervigilant security policies for maximum protection

We take your business’s end-point security very seriously. Because we know that even the most cautious employees and carefully designed security infrastructures can be targeted.

Malware protection

Real-time monitoring and detection of the latest threats.

Proactive response

We use alerts and notifications to get ahead of security issues and act fast when breaches occur

On-device firewall

Helps defend against brute-force attacks

End-point data encryption

The same level of encryption used by the Department of Defense

Activation lock controls

Executed remotely in case of incident


Macs and PCs together? Of course.

Apple is a popular choice, especially among programmers, developers, and designers. But not every shop in the Bay Area is 100% Mac. Not to worry. We’re one of the few MSPs that can properly handle a mixed Apple/PC ecosystem.

Above and beyond is our north star

We didn’t become a leading Apple MSP nationwide by sticking to the status quo. Our team goes far beyond cookie-cutter service models. You’ll enjoy CTO-level guidance.

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  • Structuring your Apple ecosystem
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Budget planning and IT roadmap
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    Project management
  • Senior engineering support
  • Senior engineering support

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What sets Parachute apart?

"Whenever Parachute staff are in my office they readily blend in and feel like part of my team."

Kim Clancy | CEO

Hampton O’Bannon Partners, LLCClient Since 2010
"Our firm could not do what we do without them."

Jim Sutton | Managing Partner

Sutton Law FirmClient Since 2008
"Parachute has a service model that truly works – they extend our IT team."

Christy Hopeman | VP Information Technology

San Francisco Travel AssociationClient Since 2013
"Parachute is accountable for the technology piece of our practice so we can focus on taking care of our patients."

Dr. Michael Chan | Surgeon

SF Oral SurgeryClient Since 2015
"Parachute constantly ensures we are taken care of and offers input and suggestions when needed."

Russell Takehara | Vice President

New Image Landscape CompanyClient Since 2017

Let’s build a thriving Apple ecosystem together

Every IT environment is a little bit different. Whether you’re 100% Mac, hybrid Apple/PC, or just want to ask a question, we want to hear from you. Our goal is to help you build a more reliable, secure, and scalable Apple ecosystem. Period.

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