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Super Power
Client Services Management

The Key Team Member

Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director of Client Services at Parachute, has been a driver in the IT industry since 1987, navigating each significant technological advancement, from desktop computing to today’s Artificial Intelligence opportunities. Before his tenure at Parachute began in October 2019, Patrick owned an IT services firm and served as CIO, CTO, and COO across various Silicon Valley startups.

In his role at Parachute, Patrick leads the Client Services Group, ensuring seamless service delivery across functions such as the Service Desk, Network and Security Operations, and Project Delivery. His strategic vision ensures that all operations enhance the client experience, reflecting his deep understanding of IT’s impact on business and everyday life.

Beyond Professional Excellence

Outside of work, Patrick’s life is rich with exploration and creativity. An avid traveler and published poet, his experiences add a unique depth to his professional role, making him an invaluable leader and innovator at Parachute.