In Parachute
Super Power
Strategic Planning and Execution

The Key Team Member

Elmo Taddeo, CEO and Co-Owner of Parachute, has dedicated nearly 25 years to the IT industry. He demonstrates a visionary approach that continually propels the company forward. Under his leadership, Parachute has experienced a decade of transformative growth, embracing advanced IT solutions that elevate their clients’ success.

Elmo is active within industry-specific peer groups and collaborates with other thought leaders to ensure that Parachute stays ahead of technological trends and remains adaptable in a constantly evolving landscape. His commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry underscores his belief in the revolutionary power of IT, positioning Parachute as a leader in the industry.

Beyond Professional Excellence

Beyond his professional achievements, Elmo was born and raised on the East Coast in the suburbs of Philadelphia and has been a lifelong-suffering Philly sports fan. Having relocated to the West Coast 27 years ago, he appreciates all that both coasts have to offer and everything in between. An avid traveler and not one to shy away from a good cross-country road trip, he has made the drive coast to coast 20+ times and counting! He spent years chasing his dream to become an FBI agent, being accepted, and attending training in Quantico, only to realize a new dream of running his own IT company. He keeps busy with 3 teenagers, a multitude of sports, and serves as the committee chair for his local Scouts of America troop always in search of the next high adventure.