In Parachute
Super Power
Lead Marketing & Sales

The Key Team Member

Rebecca Lamanna is an influential figure in the IT sector, having dedicated over 16 years to enhancing various aspects of the industry, including procurement, account management, and business development. Since joining Parachute in April 2021, she has quickly risen from Technical Account Manager to Business Development Manager, now spearheading the Marketing & Sales department to boost Parachute’s market presence and forge new business avenues.

Rebecca’s deep-seated passion for IT is evident in her ability to simplify complex technology concepts for business owners, enabling them to make informed decisions that benefit their operations. Her commitment to continual learning is reflected in her active participation in industry peer groups and ongoing self-education in sales and management.

Beyond Professional Excellence

Besides her professional achievements, Rebecca enjoys drawing realistic floral artwork from photographs. This hobby showcases her meticulous attention to detail and provides a serene escape from her dynamic career. This blend of professional insight and personal passion positions her as a well-rounded, visionary leader in her field.