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Data Privacy Day: January 28th

Rebecca Lamanna

talking about data privacy

Data Privacy Day: January 28th

You may not be aware that January 28th is Data Privacy Day observed in the United States, Canada, India, and most of Europe. The day is intended to educate people about data privacy in order to promote a safer, more secure, and more private Internet. It’s the perfect opportunity for people to review their social media privacy settings, update old passwords, and take a look at the overall state of their data security.

The purpose and goals of Data Privacy Day are particularly important to businesses. Each year, millions of businesses deal with some level of IT security attack as a result of totally preventable vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure. A good place to start for your business is to increase your password security. This can be done by requiring more complex passwords from your employees and by setting up scheduled password reset policies. Implementing multi-factor authentication is also helpful to confirm the person logging into your network is legitimate.

If not already in place at your office, properly configured firewalls, encryption tools, and multi-factor authentication will help secure your network and data. It is important to limit privileges and employee access to your network and server infrastructure. Generally, not all employees need access to the entire network or file/folder structure. This limits the potential that certain information will fall into the wrong hands. In addition, a solid backup is absolutely necessary for not only equipment failures but also ransomware attacks.

Parachute Can Help You Protect Your Business

Whatever your needs, Parachute will work with you to create a customized plan to significantly increase the security of your data and network. We also provide security awareness training. As we all know, the end-user is the last line of defense to a company’s IT security and data protection. It’s a collaborative effort and you know your business best. Any IT security solution should meet the requirements of your own clients, your company culture, and compliance within your industry. Parachute is not just a vendor, we are your IT Partner. Contact Parachute today to see if we are the right fit for your needs!