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Protect Your Business by Working with Parachute – a HIPAA Compliant Managed IT Service Provider.

Parachute has been HIPAA compliant since 2017 and continues to retest annually as part of our ongoing compliance and IT security initiatives. This means that all of our employees have completed and passed the full HIPAA security compliance training course. When choosing a Managed IT Service provider, it’s crucial to find one that takes compliance and industry requirements seriously.

As both a Managed IT Service and Managed IT Security Provider, we take pride in helping businesses achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. The ability to skillfully guide our clients through the HIPAA Compliance process is one of our many differentiators.


Through a third-party verification and auditing process, Parachute is HIPAA compliant and has completed the following:

  • Performed a recent Security Risk Analysis
  • Implemented an active Risk Management Process
  • Created policies and procedures that specify how confidential data can be used and how it is protected
  • Trained all Parachute team members within the past year on HIPAA compliance
  • Maintained documentation showing evidence of an active compliance program

Why You Should Choose a HIPAA-Compliant Managed IT Service Provider

HIPAA standards are extensive and rigorous. A HIPAA compliant IT service provider who invests the required time and financial resources into achieving HIPAA compliance on an annual basis shows a serious commitment to adhering to some of the strictest and most exacting safeguards for data security and privacy in existence today. This level of achievement also illustrates that the MSP’s operational maturity level is high. And if their operational maturity level is high, you can feel confident that their systems, networks, processes, and procedures are designed and monitored to ensure that your data will be as safe as possible. Because a HIPAA compliant IT service provider is an operationally mature business, you can have faith that they will be there to help you grow and scale your business no matter what regulatory changes the future may bring.

Partner with Parachute, a Managed IT Service Provider and Managed IT Security Provider that differentiates itself by proving that it has the processes, procedures, and controls to keep your data safe.

HIPPA Compliant

A Game-Changer for Our Business

“As our company grew and continued to operationally mature, we needed a HIPAA compliant, highly capable IT partner that could get us to the next level. Parachute has proven to be an exceptional technology leader for us. We trust their proactive recommendations and appreciate their high-touch approach. The IT planning, budgeting, and security guidance have been a game-changer for our business.”

Cynthia Roberts

Director of Operations

Everyone at Parachute is Accountable

“Parachute is a tremendous Managed IT Service Provider for our team. They have created and executed a game plan for adding new technologies, streamlining our daily workflow, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and increasing network security. Everyone at Parachute is accountable for the technology piece of our practice so we can focus on taking care of our patients.”

Dr. Brian Yang, Dr. Michael Chan, Dr. Kristen Rittenbach

Truly Service Oriented

“Parachute’s commitment to understanding our business has enabled them to proactively manage our IT infrastructure, which continues to scale and grow. The team is truly service-oriented and is always available when we need them. Because they have expertise in virtually every aspect of IT, our executive team can sleep at night knowing we have a true IT partner.”

Bob Starr

Chief Administrative Officer

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