24/7 IT Support

Real Parachute Service Desk Engineers provide 24/7 IT Support to our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout the Sacramento Valley, and around the world. Award-winning Managed IT Services, exceptional Managed IT Security, and IT Support around the clock – how refreshing!

Being an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider means Parachute creates technology environments that are precisely what our clients need. It’s never a compromised solution that is easier for us.

Today’s workforce is global. Companies have team members around the world and more professionals are working remotely. We provide IT support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week because our clients need to work anywhere, anytime. This is how we support your teams and locations around the globe. No matter the time zone, your employees receive personable, responsive support from our in-house Service Desk team.

Accessibility is key. Your remote team needs to be able to access files, data, and systems securely. With the rise of work-from-home employees, Parachute designs and supports any IT environment so that your team can work anywhere and anytime in a secure manner. Our in-house, 24/7 Service Desk Engineers support your team’s needs, no matter what time they are working.

We are accountable for understanding where our clients want to be, not just where they are today. That is what makes Parachute a long-term IT partner. Our clients look to us to remove barriers for their success. A lack of reliable, 24/7 IT support for your local and global workforce doesn’t have to be one of those barriers.

They Take the Initiative

“We love that Parachute has such a quick turnaround on special projects, questions, and IT help. Parachute has helped our company scale for the future. With Parachute, we don’t need to worry about our systems being up-to-date or secure – they take the initiative and proactively let us know. Parachute constantly ensures we are taken care of, and offers input and suggestions when needed. We appreciate the partnership that we have built with Parachute.”

Russell Takehara

Vice President and General Manager

I Wholeheartedly Recommend Parachute

“The Parachute co-founders are invested in the success of the company and hire with client satisfaction in mind. Everyone I have interacted with is friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, empathetic, and resourceful. The team has guided and assisted me with all procurement needs of my growing firm. Whenever Parachute staff are in my office they readily blend in and feel like part of my team. I wholeheartedly recommend Parachute as a Managed IT Service Provider.”

Kim Clancy

Chief Executive Officer

Partner with Parachute, a Managed IT Service Provider and Managed IT Security Provider that differentiates itself by proving that it has the processes, procedures, and controls to keep your data safe.

HIPPA Compliant

What differentiates Parachute among other Managed IT Service Providers or IT support companies in San Francisco and along the Peninsula?

The one thing that really stood out to me when I first interviewed with Parachute was that they are flexible with their clients, building their environments to the clients’ needs and not pressuring them into using cookie-cutter solutions. That’s very important for the unique needs of Bay Area businesses. Many MSPs push their clients into a very specific way of doing things, even parting ways with that client if they didn’t want to go that direction. Clients can see a lot of value in viewing us as a partner who has their best interest in mind, rather than an IT company who is only looking out for its own profits.


Manager of Onsite IT Support Engineers

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